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Understanding no death and pre-birth planning.
Not seeing ourselves as limited beings trapped in physical bodies.
Using our “vitality” and our thoughts and emotions, consciously, on our own and together, to form a better reality.
That’s all there is…


Visitors from the BICS essay competition.

It is an honor to have you explore here.

You will see that survival of death is only the starting point for a new life perspective. A key to opening the door for meaning/purpose and agency/choice.

It also implies something I term “Radical Faith” and the nature of personal and shared/cultural/world reality creation/manifestation.

And then probable and alternate realities, pre-incarnation and reincarnation.

Reincarnation here is way different than proposed in any other place. It is a non-linear concept which involves something called “simultaneous time.”

Again, I am happy you are here. Now. šŸ™‚

Back at it. Through this Lens – Interpreting personal and current events using the WhatIfNoDeath perspective

Eight years ago, over the course of about 6 months, I was inspired and motivated to set down the principles you find in the Core Material.
And then I went away for a while as I had created a new adventure, that of the corporate kind.
It’s been a trip.

There has always been the intention, with this site, to come back and take it to the next level.
To share in its practicality for navigating the Earth Experience.
The idea was to interpret examples from my own primary/direct events, as well as our shared cultural ones through the lens of WhatIfNoDeath thinking.
Ultimately so that you could apply all this to your daily life events, to your, and our, benefit.

This isn’t theory, you see.
It’s a map. Or a reference point.
For when things, experience, life, seem un-understandable.
For those “Why?” moments.

It is how reality is created and experienced.
Day in, night out.
For all who breathe, and not even just for our species.
And you already know this.

It’s highly daunting, almost overwhelming, to consider the implications.
And by the very fact that I’m here typing, means I myself still need the lessons that come from being on Earth with you and everyone else.

There is no perfection, where it all stops.
All done. Complete.
Nope. Only more growth, never ending, for all, including the Source.

The ultimate intention here is to share some knowledge that I was “lucky” enough to learn.
To raise human awareness/consciousness and simply offer ways to improve daily life, and possibly cure some chronic illnesses.
So that we all can move on.

And really, one of the main reasons I am doing this is that I’m not seeing this precise angle of wisdom anywhere in the zeitgeist, and I really think it will help.
Especially since things have gotten a bit out of control this past year.

Thanks very much for attending.

I_You_We_My_Your_Our (14/15)

“You get what you concentrate on. There is no other main rule.”
The Nature of Personal Reality

Buckle in, it’s a long one…

To wrap up the Core Material we will move from theory and speculation into the power of any true philosophy, or spiritual practice—praxis/application. All of this “wisdom” is meant to be practiced, the knowledge and its usefulness is meant to be achievable, repeatable, verifiable.

This last post for the Core Material is centered on the most powerful driver—literally—of reality and all life as story. This essence is embedded in all of existence—from God to individual—through and through. This force is expressed exquisitely in Nature and this is why humans are considered to be a crowning achievement, whether by evolution or divine design.

Creativity. Conscious creativity.

All of Being is because of incredible, immense, unquantifiable, ungraspable Love, and also overwhelming Desire. Union, orgasm, conception, and birth have nothing on the love and joy present at the creation of a universe, or a soul.

And coming into Being is not a one-way, entropic path. Nothing was made for it to simply then rust and crumble. No, Being is created and set forth freely but also imbued with the seeds and means of creative expression—from sexual to hallucinatory—to continue and grow, and to make more and share more, infinitely abundantly with all.

One is All and All is Many and Many are One. Way beyond our ability to conceive. I mean grasp, there are a lot entendres in this talk. šŸ™‚

And it’s not all about us, the people, us humans, the supposed lords over this dominion. We created that notion, not the rest of creation. Imagination—as well as memory/association seems to make us homo sapien, right? Oh yeah, wisdom and intelligenceā€¦

But all of life is imagination in action. All of everything is imagination made physical. Every thing is a thought. Every thought and every feeling is a story. And we share that ability because all of reality is conscious.

We are right in the center of the Action. My simple way of explaining it is I_You_We create My_Your_Our Reality/Life/Self/Story. But the sole reason I coined I_You_We is to never forget the cooperative collaborative Nature of this enterprise/Earth Experience.

To those who would object loudly that we are the greatest species to ever rule a planet I would suggest we are not different in quality from any other consciousness. Yes we are unique and okay, special. But so is every single creation. That’s the beauty.

And who would want to be alone in one’s supremacy anyway? Lonely at the top and all. There is no pyramid leading upward to us puny humans at the pinnacle. There is way more “above” us, and many more stories for us to live and learn, way more selves to grow into—never ending.

As the rest of this blog takes shape we will investigate the practical aspects of these notions, all of the Core Material notions, repeatedly and rigorously applying and testing the model, and do so on group and personal levels. To “prove” these points, sure, if that’s your focus, but the greater goal is to make use of the knowledge for greater personal life fulfillment and to form healthier communities from local to planetary.

The objective is to use the New Story to write better stories with better parts to play for more actors/characters/selves to join. Maybe less drama and tragedy, perhaps. We can only hope, and consciously use our vast creativity.

When you see this throughout the blog and in any posts,


remember to take a conscious inhale, a conscious exhale, notice each of your senses, separately and then together, firmly establish your sense of place, adjust your posture and relax your tensions, and connect with your creative soul who loves you more than you can possibly know. And then let that love pass through and out of you to a target or in general. For this puts us in the Now, the Spacious Present and here is something else:

Our breath/breathing is where we are all equal. We cannot hoard or hold onto a breath—for very long—and we breathe the same air our enemies breathe. We pass air (and water) around, changing and charging the atmosphere with our own signature. And gladly accepting the air and water that has been shared since time began.

Remember that when you gather yourself into the present, then you can go back to the words on your screen.





YCYOR has been misinterpreted to be a very selfish notion, one where the ego exists in a vacuum of its own desires, free to create, out of “nothing,” the answers to its prayers for wealth and material prosperity—just by attracting it.

Things are way more complicated, but also elegant and easy to use properly when we learn the bigger notions. It’s mostly about getting out of our own way. Out of limiting ourselves, or letting others limit us.

The basic notion behind YCYOR is absolutely true. We can consciously create the world we want to live in—together of course. But we can’t not create. We created what we have now—good or “bad”—with the same ability. There is no secret in any of it.

The purpose of the Core Material is to see how interactive and dependent/interdependent “individuals”/egos are. I hope it’s both not too complicated and at the same time not too simple.

What is pointed out is that I_You_We are all dependent on “magical” processes of:

—our devoted, humble and hard working bodies, from basic atomic/molecular structure to all of the anonymous cells to collaborating/cooperating organs, maintaining our form and its perceiving, interpreting, reasoning, feeling capabilities.

—our social bodies and collaboration from “low” to “high” in our social stories, from providing supplies of water and electricity, to maintaining our city streets and our suburban palaces, for the food that is in our storage, and all of the other integrated services necessary to stay full and sleep warm (would that all on the planet be so lucky in luxury as here in most of the United States).

—our invisible/beyond physical partners, selves and realities, who are here and participating whether we know it or not.

—our own purposes and reasons coordinated with the themes, purposes, reason, stories of others.

—and of course we are ultimately dependent upon (but still possessing unpredictable free will) the amazing beneficence of the Creator of Creators and Mystery of all Mysteries. Way past our complete understanding, but still accessible and not beyond our knowing. What a God!

Side path:

This is why my goal from boyhood was, even if all else were lost, to preserve my sense of Wonder. And I don’t even know why it was so important, it just always was. I have protected that notion against all else, including growing up. šŸ™‚Ā  And what happened was that Mystery allowed me some insight, sometimes in ordinary ways, many times very dramatically. But I kept Mystery close, and it allowed me in to some of its recesses, so I could explore how It works.

For this access only one thing was asked of me in return: Share.

So in this blog you have me giving back. And it’s all I ever wanted to do with my life, here, now, always.


Now creation/creativity never stops and it’s our choice in what way to manifest/materialize our stories, our lessons, our hopes and dreams, the ordinary stuff, and the big dreams.

Our health and the events we experience as individuals are our first manifestations, and they are the quickest way to ascertain our trajectory. If we like where we are, who we are with, our individual Earth Experiences, good on us. That is the way it’s “supposed” to be.Ā  Balanced, joyful, fulfilling.

But if we don’t like where we are, where we are headed, then it’s time to look at what we did to create the unwanted situation(s)/people/story, and basically stop doing that/those things. It’s the inverse of the Nike slogan, if we don’t like something: Just Stop It.

(The planet’s health—locally and planetary—and mass species events are also primary manifestations, to lead back to assessing what we are creating on a mass level. Balanced? Joyful? Fulfilling? For all species and Mother Earth herself?)

Now, coming here we chose/agreed to our specific bodies as our personal platform for perceiving/ingesting/expressing our Earth Experience in a certain way—with certain talents/abilities, and possibly certain restrictions beyond those that come with the standard human vehicle. In the same way, at that same pre-birth planning “meeting” we also chose/agreed to our families, friends, enemies, and the places and approximate times for special events/meetings to occur or possibly occur.

This preincarnational “contract” is the given of entering physical life. And along with signing that multi-party contract comes the personal blueprint for achieving specific objectives in one’s specific personality—to live out a particular story with its own moral or morals.

We pick the Earth Experience because it is a unique place for us and others to highlight certain themes, problems, joys, etc. From single persons to masses of people (and plants and animals) we create, and then we admire or are horrified by the products of our artistry. And we thereby learn and grow. Of course, some if not a lot of the Earth Experience isn’t simply for educational purposes, enjoyment helps us grow as well.

Certain themes, throughout times and places, are common. Violence, war, poverty, greed, fear, oppression, discrimination are some interlinked negative ones. Heroism, love, justice are born out of aspiring past the negative ones a lot of the time, but meant to point out eternal truths beyond physical reality.

The reason this is a New Story is because it recognizes that story lines are not necessarily meant to be repeated, especially tragic ones. They are repeated because life is not a straight line but a spiral. And lives and themes and life lessons are repeated in different bodies, slightly different stories, until the creator learns or tires of the story and creates something new. When the growth occurs, the actors are free to launch into new roles and other stories.

Our civilizations do not have to rise and fall the same way over and over again. But they will until we grow.

Just yesterday I read a quote by the creator of Mad Men, Matt Weiner that says in regard to Season 6: “The guiding theme of the season, is that there’s a certain point in your life where you end up in a (negative) place where you’ve been before and you start to realize maybe you are the problem.” And solution.

So on that note, as the blog grows, we will look at practical methods of creation, and I invite people to share their stories of their growth, their breakthroughs, their moving into new spirals, better stories.

Some like to paint, some like to sing, or dance. We are born artists, we have no choice in that. Unlocking My_Your_Our potential, discovering and enacting the limitlessness of our imaginations and actual selves, to act in the stories that fulfill us and help fulfill those around us, call it a noble YCYOR perhaps. And this blog is a place to exult and share in our evolving paths. And maybe troubleshoot some blockages.

Quick note: the surface understanding of YCYOR is usually seen in a particularly American light: let’s get more stuff. I am hoping to unleash an abundance of spirit and compassion in this blog. Wealth and abundance can be useful—or a distraction. In its purest form abundance is a side effect of living a whole, creative life, and it can come easily, to anyone. (In practical terms that “law” is already known to the wealthy and in the cliches of “wealth begets wealth” or “the rich get richer.”)

Allowing energy to pass from “low” to “high” and freely around, sharing our breath, is Nature’s Way. It is a sign of a mature, not greedy or fearful community/country/planet. Money is purely a symbol.

It is hoped that the Core Material will be a new way to understand how all human riches can pass freely, even, or especially, in the commercial realms. So that we do finally solve for hunger and poverty, not by government, and certainly not by corporation, but by daily generosity in our hearts and spirits first.

The constipated economy where most people are hanging on for dear life, while a small group dances on their fingertips, and the slow suicide of being stuck in rathole cubicles working for miserable power managers is of course only one story (a relatively new, sad one in fact) and it’s one that doesn’t have to be re-created if I_You_We are unhappy in it.

The wisdom of the invisible hand will really be seen when we understand how we share lives, across time, with those of every other person and persuasion, and there is no need to fear the Other, and greedily protect our meager grievances. ThereĀ isĀ enough for all, always has been. It’s in our creative DNA.

Okay, so it’s not so quick a note but I will end it here, still focusing on how we all create our realities/stories. The New Story praxis to come will be the start of touching, owning and expressing My_Your_Our innate, limitless creativity.

For Love and Joy and Fulfillment.

Next Post/Epilogue to Core Material:
In Defense of the Ego/The world does revolve around you, and every body else.


Radical Faith—ChoiceChanceBashert Coda Part One (10/15)


New England Holocaust Memorial
December 29, 2012

This is the toughest post I will ever write, the toughest concept I can try to explain. I will lose some readers because of this one but I hope that the intention behind this post is understood—it is for more love, compassion, and hope to exist in this world, not less. And freedom to create, freedom from fear. So let’s push on. (It’s become such a long post I am breaking it into two parts.)

The most confusing element of the Earth Experience has to do with suffering. Being born is a mystery, and death is a bad joke. But what stops us in our tracks when we want to make sense of the waking time between our birth and death, of being here/now in a body, are first the facts of hunger and cold and disease/illness. Basic physical suffering that, for most of human history, has been a bitch. Yet we can understand those types of suffering, they come with the package. In fact, men and women have done an amazing job in “solving” those problems the world over. (We have solved for hunger and shelter, it’s just not been fully “rolled out.” Disease still needs a little work/greater perspective.)

But then there is suffering by cruelty–suffering caused by the hand of others, or by the will of “fate.” The confusing part is that cruelty seems to be completely unnecessary. Yet every day innocent victims suffer because of evil people or indifferent Nature or even God’s bad side/evil twin–Satan.

(Some even think God creates some tragedies, for our own good of course. And the Greeks and Romans used the gods very often to explain suffering, but those gods often were mercurial, very human. There may be some truth in both views as we will see after these two posts.)

Unfortunate events seem to occur indiscriminately and randomly of course. “It (mayhem) could happen to you, at any time” is the slogan and self-justification of all insurance companies. How cause and effect and the twisted tangle of time, individual choices, and separate but connected events brought all the participants together at that tragic moment is attributed to fateful bad luck and really nothing else. “Coincidence.”

Whether it’s a lifetime of pain caused by being hit a drunk driver, or lives taken by madmen with guns, or whole villages swept out to sea by a cruel storm, the common thought is that not only was the suffering or death so unnecessary, but that there was no good reason for the event or for those particular people to have been there at that time. And the shockwaves travel outward to affect many not at the epicenter, to the point where some think they were there, but the overall feeling is that none of it had reason or necessity.

We call this being a victim of circumstances/evil. This is the model for when bad things happen to a person or group of people. Wrong place, wrong time. No reason, bad luck, evil. Except…

This is where I now tiptoe on egg shells. The rest of Part 1, Part 2, and the next post will argue that there are no victims–even if it really looks like it. And to stop believing in victimhood is the most freeing possible action one can take during the Earth Experience. Not easy to take or apply, but rewarded eventually. It really is the only way to believe in unpredictable free will, of knowing choice and meaning supersede chance.

I think that when we can look at events in a different way we gain way more happiness, life appreciation, resolution, and fulfillment than is ever possible in the old victim of circumstances/evil model. And it’s not just me making this up. Part of our nature is to feel like there really does have to be some reason, some explanation, some answer to this most basic of human mysteries (why is there pain and suffering?). It starts the first book of the Old Testament and is the centerpiece of Buddhism. With the Tetrahedron, and the rest of the Core Material, I think new understanding on this old model can take place.

Only a fool would come right out and say that a person chose to have his legs blown off, or chose to watch her child die, or chose to be born blind. I, in fact, have been that fool at times. When I was young and excited to reveal and teach some new things. I’ve learned that this is the toughest argument by far. I’ve learned that even with warning signs clanging and bars to block their path people will drive over the rails to meet a train. People will smoke and drink to excess and then complain when they “get” cancer or diabetes or something else. I’ve learned that people identify with their pain and that the suffering is often not because they seemingly can’t change the condition, but in not being able to arrive at the answer to “Why?”.

Unfortunately, it’s really really hard to suggest the answer of individual choice and responsibility, and purpose and meaning to the awful suffering. Often that’s because the suggestion isn’t given or understood in a proper context. (In reality, much of the focus of the Core Material, including the Tetradedron, is to simply frame the answer to that Why? question.)

For me, tragedy and cruelty and innocence lost is just more proof that this is only one life of many. Because it would be so depressing and useless if it were not. I don’t want to say we treat life/lives as “disposable,” but we sort of do. Karma isn’t instant in the Earth Experience. The cause or causes, usually repeatedly, can be set in motion and then warning bells can be clanging for a long time before the effect takes place.

There is plenty of time to change a path toward suffering. Any one of the many, many twists and turns, people and places that we turn down can be jumping off places to get out of the path of a hurricanes or a drive-by. It really isn’t all that random. We each take/are on a path to and from every event in our life. The worst events stand out and most of them blindside us, but we didn’t just arrive there blindly, without a choice, or many choices previously, even when born into a sad body. No matter what, we are living a story and comedy and tragedy and everything in between make up our personal story.

End of Part 1

Note: In these discussions it is important to draw a crucial distinction for clarity on this subject.

Either I_You_We are a direct participant in an event (in the cases of this discussion miserable, tragic events), or I_You_We are not. The magic and hypnosis of our technology and media sometimes make it seem as if I_You_We are there.

Unless I_You_We are actually there, I_Y_W have no true idea what the experience is actually like, and all of My_Your_Our opinions are as valid as the hearsay of reporters.

For those directly involved in a crime or tragedy, god forbid, they are the only ones who actually know the “story.” From their own personal viewpoint and their own circumstances leading up to it. All the rest of the ogling/gaping watchers are forming the story based on second-, third- or beyond-hand information. And according to their own personal stories, filters, beliefs.

I_You_We need to be very wary when I_Y_W are an indirect “participant.” It’s not the same and it would be healthy to keep some distance by staying aware of that fact. Then appropriate action, such as helping, can be taken. However, with social media this secondary participant phenomena, and the sheer lunacy of the discussions around many events, has already spun out of control. And does so every day.

Remember, if I_You_We aren’t there when it happens then I_Y_W weren’t there no matter how I_You_We feel about it or how much information I_Y_W compulsively gather.

Without keeping to the direct/indirect experience distinction we can all keep closing barn doors way too late because of not understanding how events/stories/realities–bad but also good–are created/manifested/materialized.

Part 2: Why Be Cruel at all?

Tetrahedron Facet 3: Personal Meaning/Purpose/Value – Value Fulfillment (8/15)

With your every breath, you change the composition of the atmosphere. With every action you change the shape of it. Even with every thought, and emotion, electromagnetically and chemically you change the charge of the atmosphere, and by extension, the Universe.

This holds true for every being, on land, in the air, in the sea. With every breath, you, I, we, connect. We share and exchange air and water with each other and with the other species—animal and flora. Each affects all, simply by existing, and more dynamically in choosing and acting.

And with every breath time stops. Because the atoms we share have existed since the universe was formed (and across universes and dimensions possibly). The atoms we breathe and exchange have been in the bodies of cavemen and courtesans. Pterodactyls and cacti.

Yes, we are a small speck in history, yet each of us is unique and influential for all of the moments we are here. You where you are, right Now. And the world would not be the same without you, me, or this unique, specific combination of We that exists in this Spacious Present.

Of course, it/life/Universes change, neverendingly, incessantly, relentlessly. All is Change/Action. No stasis, at any moment, ever. Pulsing, vibrating, living, breathing.

But, no matter Nietzche, it never repeats. It is life on Earth. The Earth Experience is the changes made by each of us, together, at every moment. And that is why you are important. You make the Earth new with every thing you do. Or think. Or feel.

You have meaning, in essence. And, as we will discover, you have purpose too. There is a reason you are here, and it’s for the reasons you chose. And for reasons you uncover. And all of it in collaboration with those who are each as important to Universe as you.

But your reasons are specifically your own, even in the context of every one else’s reasons and purposes. The word I use to sum up our meaning/purpose/reason (with attendant and implied personal responsibility) is: Value. Life is story but beneath that, Life has Value. Importance. Each life, and each moment carries Value. And we place value or importance, by choice or acquiescence (which is a choice), according to our “story.”

Value here is not a price, not a cost, something much more essential, so valuable it is sacred. Being is sacred value, the highest value. And it’s a total gift, which is amazing to consider and understand.

So breathe, and dance, and see the wonder of You change the wonder of All. And ask yourself: What should I do next to fulfill my values?

And while considering your possibilities remember: each who has been granted the gift of Being is just as important in their value essence, and none of us are independent agents. Not only is each body a wonder of living breathing cells, bacteria, viruses, atoms, molecules, and chemicals, all orchestrating a physical existence. (We depend on our personal retinue playing nicely to simply function healthily.) But all our bodies depend on each other to survive and thrive, together sharing and writing the Earth Experience. Primarily this is done in cooperation and collaboration because competition is far secondary to the amount of cooperation existence truly requires. (Universe does not equal Darwinian Capitalism.)

Much of this occurs automatically and effortlessly for reasons beyond our current knowing. All we need to understand is that your/my/our lives and life stories have inherent meaning and purpose, reason and value. And You/I/We are never alone.



No Solo Act/Solo Me-o (No Boundaries/No Outside)