The New Story (13/15)

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,…”

William Shakespeare, As You Like It

(NOTE: There are pictures inserted into this post that might not show up in your email, so you might want to go to the web site to view this post.)

Before we complete the Core Material let’s recap. It might have gone by a little fast, and admittedly this is a crazy endeavor. (To attempt to put daily life into perspective, in a practical, meaningful way, (whaa??) and to posit a new model of approaching the Earth Experience itself, well, that’s pretty nuts, right? Who does this guy think he is?!)

Well, this won’t prove anything one way or another, but these concepts have been all I’ve thought about since I was very young—over 50 years now. And in a few weeks I will post all the external sources I have drawn upon, just to show this has not been a dilettante’s diversion. I can’t site all my personal “enlightenment” experiences and assume that will make a difference to you. But I can tell you it’s been a long slog getting out of my own way to “prove” this method adequately in preparation to present it to you—so that it works as well for you as for me or anybody else on the face of the Earth.

And none of this is meant to even be about me at all. It is all about the ideas and the information and possibilities. And you, and we…

One last side note: Please do not take this blog as an attack on the religious/philosophical/scientific myths/mindsets that govern our current (and past) institutions and behaviors. I recognize when timeless wisdom is timeless and can not be attacked. And I can admit that the other precepts, not so timeless, not so wise, do, or did, serve their purposes and times.

But there comes a time when the species is ready for more, especially when in the midst of crisis. And we do face strain and crisis upon this earth. Poverty, hunger, bias. Inequality and injustice. Violence. These stories are not the only story, or the “natural state” of man/woman, no matter the scientific Darwinian rationalizations.

Nature, our best model to learn from, and our ultimate form of feedback is telling us to grow, or…

Ignorance and fear are what are holding us back. It’s never been some sinful self to blame and put down (no matter the religious rationalizations).

As wise and as useful as our past philosophies and mythologies could be at times, there is something missing. And the missing puzzle pieces are here in the Core Material. (Not to be too blasphemous/seditious.)

So here is a quick recap of this iyouwemyour Limitless Self/Selves blog:

1, 2) The Earth Experience takes place in/on a “camouflage” universe/playground/stage of seeming duality. Dualism/the physical universe/the body are all one device/tool of contrasts/limits/obstacles and also endless diversity and opportunity. Life is a “way,” experienced in the form of physical events—to enjoy, preferably. If the events are painful, then they are to be overcome/healed/not repeated through learning and growing.

In the end, the sensual experiences of  the playground yield incredible and indelible accounts of beauty, fun, and love, tempered and accentuated by the tears between the smiles.


3, 4) We survive bodily death, an absurdity but the source of so much fear, anxiety, and greed/oppression. But the truly empowering moment is to realize that putting on this body, in this time and place was a choice. That I_You_We we were alive before I_Y_W were conceived. (New Story bit!)


5 – 9) We are meaningful in our Being, limitless, with unpredictable free will. We are one and and we are at the same time many. God is all, all, all, and that all is Love. I_Y_W in fact, have many lives/selves/stories. And all of those lives/selves/stories—probable and real—are occurring right Now. (Another New Story bit!)



10, 11) These intertwining principles make it possible to think IYW exist in a purposeful, not random, life and universe. That villains and victims, bullies and heroes, sinners and saints are part of stories and purposes known only to them—but sometimes they live those stories, suffer those roles, to teach important lessons.

12) Last post we discussed the idea that much of My_Your_Our lives are invisible, out of reach of the simple senses. However, even in our limited, blocked physical bodies and brains, IYW can connect directly to our eternal, limitless, brave metaphysical souls—and God—in an instant, with our waking mind, simply by taking a conscious inhale and exhale. Regularly.


That is where we are now. Now.

So let’s wrap up the philosophical part in the next blog and get to the fun part where we can start to apply this New Story knowledge to every day life. To improve M_Y_Our Earth Experience. To make sense of the seeming inexplicable or bizarre. And to arrive at the joy and love beneath all of the stories—which can happen quickly when there is no drama to endure.

To arrive there we will explore our true nature, that which makes all stories possible and fun (or sometimes horrible):



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