How You Created Your Reality


Eight years ago, over the course of about 6 months, I was inspired and motivated to set down the principles you find in the Core Material.
And then I went away for a while as I had created a new adventure, that of the corporate kind.
It’s been a trip.

There has always been the intention, with this site, to come back and take it to the next level.
To share in its practicality for navigating the Earth Experience.
The idea was to interpret examples from my own primary/direct events, as well as our shared cultural ones through the lens of WhatIfNoDeath thinking.
Ultimately so that you could apply all this to your daily life events, to your, and our, benefit.

This isn’t theory, you see.
It’s a map. Or a reference point.
For when things, experience, life, seem un-understandable.
For those “Why?” moments.

It is how reality is created and experienced.
Day in, night out.
For all who breathe, and not even just for our species.
And you already know this.

It’s highly daunting, almost overwhelming, to consider the implications.
And by the very fact that I’m here typing, means I myself still need the lessons that come from being on Earth with you and everyone else.

There is no perfection, where it all stops.
All done. Complete.
Nope. Only more growth, never ending, for all, including the Source.

The ultimate intention here is to share some knowledge that I was “lucky” enough to learn.
To raise human awareness/consciousness and simply offer ways to improve daily life, and possibly cure some chronic illnesses.
So that we all can move on.

And really, one of the main reasons I am doing this is that I’m not seeing this precise angle of wisdom anywhere in the zeitgeist, and I really think it will help.
Especially since things have gotten a bit out of control this past year.

Thanks very much for attending.


I think I’ll use this page to write a running chronicle on reality creation. Because I need to do some myself.
It will get personal for sure, on my part. I’m in the midst of a big one and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Time and manifesting can go very slow, until it’s immediately here, and always with a twist or surprise.

But let’s talk about you and a very simple concept for putting the Core Material to work for you.
It’s about deconstructing the reality you already have to understand, like David Byrne says, “How did I get here?”

Take wherever you are right now. Look around. Look at yourself, inside and out.

And say “I have this because I wanted it.”

Notice the past tense. This exercise comes with a key realization of the (sometimes aggravating) nature of the Earth Experience.

It isn’t instant karma.
But that’s also a good thing…

So start with where you are.
And the choices you made–with others of course–that landed you right at this moment in whatever place you read these words.

I’m at one of three computer screens that are staring at me and one of them says I have to go back to work.
“For my living.”

And I’ll leave you with that for now…


I probably should call these “Shower Thoughts” because they often arrive while the hot water pours down.

Quick addition to yesterday’s post:

Look for patterns in your life, recurring types of people and events, good and bad.
Look for themes.
Look for repeated thoughts, especially overgeneralized ones, such as “No matter which side I take on a stock, buy or sell, it always goes against me.” (Look for the words “always” “every” “they”.)

“You get what you concentrate on. There is no other main rule.” Seth

And look for things that come easily to you, without much effort.

Themes and recurring experiences can indicate choices made before this life, for this life, to work on.
Look at your body, your parents and siblings, friends and acquaintances–especially those you feel you’ve always known. Look at the places and conditions of your early life.

Repeated types of events, people or even dreams (I dream of elevated trains regularly) can point to beliefs built up that filter your experiences into certain similar events.

They can point to limitations or to talents and gifts.

Life is not linear, it is spirals and cycles through events and people and conditions that have to be dealt with in order to move on.

I played trombone in the 4th grade but was forced to give it up for financial reasons the next year, but I did learn the bass clef.
Picked up a bass in my 20s. Studied and played in some bands then gave it up to pursue T’ai Chi teaching full time.
Restarted playing bass in my 40s. A number of bands and then another dry period. Now in it again.

I can point to several other types of life events and types of people I have experienced at different ages and under new conditions.
In fact, I just got a call from a drummer who I played with in the 1980s and haven’t seen in over 30 years.

Life themes and cycles…
They are your Earth Experience lessons for learning and growing.
And point to more going on than this simple sensory reality…