My “Bio” (very brief)

Born knowing.
Been testing the evidence.
Holding onto Wonder against all odds.

What that means is that from an early, early age I knew we didn’t die.

I remember as a pre-teen, standing in my friend Tom’s back yard, gazing up at the stars, and telling him how I looked forward to my life review—after death. About how I could get answers to important questions, and re-live life moments.

I knew God was everywhere, in every being, in every particle of the known and unknown worlds.

And I always knew that love is all that matters. It’s the only answer, but, by the nature of this particular camouflage system, the biggest question.

And with that knowing came the prime directive: to protect Wonder/Innocence.

A flame, it swells, it flickers. Sometimes dies by forgetfulness. Can be snuffed by ignorance. Yet, ignites in new life, and can be re-lit in this one.

I tasked myself with cherishing and promoting, keeping it burning and shining. Remember. Re-ember Wonder/Innocence.

I’ve had different levels of enlightenment experiences my entire life—particularly big ones at the ages of 11, 19, and 22—and what I call “accelerations” at various times of every year.

Those accelerations reinforce being aware that all is one, connected, cooperative, blessed. That there is a reason for everything, whether we understand it at the time or not. (See my Radical Faith concept in the core material.)

Formally, I studied philosophy—Western, from the Greeks through phenomenology—and  religion, and semiotics/semiology/structuralism. And received my B.A. in 1981. But I didn’t want to stay in academia.

During those years and ever since, informally I studied multiple religions, mystical practices, and anything and anybody who helped elucidate the nature of reality and consciousness—including those who actively oppose the idea of a “God” or anything more than “simple” material existence.

It hasn’t been all words. I have practiced T’ai Chi since 1979, and have been teaching it since 1985. Big reason why I’m here. And I am a musician and visual artist. Most of life is non verbal. Its essence is… (ineffable)

Yet mostly, I have been a reader and a writer since before I could hold a crayon. I’ve had over 50 years of jobs, but really only one purpose for this life: Get out the word… And what is that word? Immortality. We don’t die.

It’s hard to give you anything and everything that led to this particular expression of that mission in this particular medium. This blog came out of a book draft. This format took over the book and is still evolving.

I’m doing this mass compilation, still very incomplete, of the resources I absorbed and tested and continue to explore, which led to this blog:
Sources and References

My bio and the source material are obviously meant to lend credibility to my words. Some small justification for ideas that can seem very far-far-fetched. Something to prove my point(s). But nobody just believes it. (Hence the “What If?…” framing.)

No matter the list, my greatest resources have been, and continue to be:
1. The people who have enlightened me, at just the right moments. Pleasantly or painfully.
2. My own Inner Self, or Guardian Angel, or whatever you want to call the more knowing me who has protected me by helping me out of my share of scrapes and compulsions. And prodded my ego toward creativity and enlightenment, and to follow my impulses/bliss.
3. My skepticism and constant testing of these outlandish notions.
And 4. Of course, Nature it/her self. Our reference and our mirror.

We’re here for the “Earth Experience” after all. 🙂

Those are my resources, part and parcel of my unique story. What I’ve happened to find and explore along my way.

And the Source of my individual story—my “biography” as it were—is the same for you, as it is for all of us:
A personal, direct connection to “God/AllThatIs.”

Actually, more than that, it’s not just a “connection,” like a social media follower, or a sometimes presence in our life. God isn’t a distant relative…

Our very being, in itself, is divine. Mine is, yours is, every body’s is. Divine, eternal, imbued with Love and the light of Wonder. And Consciousness.

It’s all too much, too vast, to capture. Especially in words. It’s all so much more than I can possibly boil down for this blog. Which I still attempt, humbly, in such a feeble, incomplete way.

Yet the feeling is so real, as alive as a heartbeat, or a breath, that all I can say about my bio is:
Let none of my story replace or distract you from your personal direct connection and being in All That Is—what I relate is only meant to reveal the possibilities we all share and encourage you to explore you in a fuller way. With possibly some tips on how to do so.

This blog site is here mainly to raise awareness and start a discussion on the
What If?… possibility that we were alive before we were born, we are here for a reason now, and will continue to explore the possibilities after the death of our temporal bodies.

Oh and that we are all directly responsible for the events we experience. In our bodies, as individuals, and as groups—local and larger. That’s what I’ve been testing and what I keep learning is true.

I created and continue to create my reality, now with you in it, in this event.
You created your reality, and all its events, which brought you to these words I wrote on two mornings in 2018.
And together We create tomorrow for all of us embedded here, on whatever wonder-full day it is today, in whatever year it is right now…