Tetrahedron Facet 3: Personal Meaning/Purpose/Value – Value Fulfillment (8/15)

With your every breath, you change the composition of the atmosphere. With every action you change the shape of it. Even with every thought, and emotion, electromagnetically and chemically you change the charge of the atmosphere, and by extension, the Universe.

This holds true for every being, on land, in the air, in the sea. With every breath, you, I, we, connect. We share and exchange air and water with each other and with the other species—animal and flora. Each affects all, simply by existing, and more dynamically in choosing and acting.

And with every breath time stops. Because the atoms we share have existed since the universe was formed (and across universes and dimensions possibly). The atoms we breathe and exchange have been in the bodies of cavemen and courtesans. Pterodactyls and cacti.

Yes, we are a small speck in history, yet each of us is unique and influential for all of the moments we are here. You where you are, right Now. And the world would not be the same without you, me, or this unique, specific combination of We that exists in this Spacious Present.

Of course, it/life/Universes change, neverendingly, incessantly, relentlessly. All is Change/Action. No stasis, at any moment, ever. Pulsing, vibrating, living, breathing.

But, no matter Nietzche, it never repeats. It is life on Earth. The Earth Experience is the changes made by each of us, together, at every moment. And that is why you are important. You make the Earth new with every thing you do. Or think. Or feel.

You have meaning, in essence. And, as we will discover, you have purpose too. There is a reason you are here, and it’s for the reasons you chose. And for reasons you uncover. And all of it in collaboration with those who are each as important to Universe as you.

But your reasons are specifically your own, even in the context of every one else’s reasons and purposes. The word I use to sum up our meaning/purpose/reason (with attendant and implied personal responsibility) is: Value. Life is story but beneath that, Life has Value. Importance. Each life, and each moment carries Value. And we place value or importance, by choice or acquiescence (which is a choice), according to our “story.”

Value here is not a price, not a cost, something much more essential, so valuable it is sacred. Being is sacred value, the highest value. And it’s a total gift, which is amazing to consider and understand.

So breathe, and dance, and see the wonder of You change the wonder of All. And ask yourself: What should I do next to fulfill my values?

And while considering your possibilities remember: each who has been granted the gift of Being is just as important in their value essence, and none of us are independent agents. Not only is each body a wonder of living breathing cells, bacteria, viruses, atoms, molecules, and chemicals, all orchestrating a physical existence. (We depend on our personal retinue playing nicely to simply function healthily.) But all our bodies depend on each other to survive and thrive, together sharing and writing the Earth Experience. Primarily this is done in cooperation and collaboration because competition is far secondary to the amount of cooperation existence truly requires. (Universe does not equal Darwinian Capitalism.)

Much of this occurs automatically and effortlessly for reasons beyond our current knowing. All we need to understand is that your/my/our lives and life stories have inherent meaning and purpose, reason and value. And You/I/We are never alone.



No Solo Act/Solo Me-o (No Boundaries/No Outside)

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