Radical Faith—ChoiceChanceBashert Coda Part One (10/15)


New England Holocaust Memorial
December 29, 2012

This is the toughest post I will ever write, the toughest concept I can try to explain. I will lose some readers because of this one but I hope that the intention behind this post is understood—it is for more love, compassion, and hope to exist in this world, not less. And freedom to create, freedom from fear. So let’s push on. (It’s become such a long post I am breaking it into two parts.)

The most confusing element of the Earth Experience has to do with suffering. Being born is a mystery, and death is a bad joke. But what stops us in our tracks when we want to make sense of the waking time between our birth and death, of being here/now in a body, are first the facts of hunger and cold and disease/illness. Basic physical suffering that, for most of human history, has been a bitch. Yet we can understand those types of suffering, they come with the package. In fact, men and women have done an amazing job in “solving” those problems the world over. (We have solved for hunger and shelter, it’s just not been fully “rolled out.” Disease still needs a little work/greater perspective.)

But then there is suffering by cruelty–suffering caused by the hand of others, or by the will of “fate.” The confusing part is that cruelty seems to be completely unnecessary. Yet every day innocent victims suffer because of evil people or indifferent Nature or even God’s bad side/evil twin–Satan.

(Some even think God creates some tragedies, for our own good of course. And the Greeks and Romans used the gods very often to explain suffering, but those gods often were mercurial, very human. There may be some truth in both views as we will see after these two posts.)

Unfortunate events seem to occur indiscriminately and randomly of course. “It (mayhem) could happen to you, at any time” is the slogan and self-justification of all insurance companies. How cause and effect and the twisted tangle of time, individual choices, and separate but connected events brought all the participants together at that tragic moment is attributed to fateful bad luck and really nothing else. “Coincidence.”

Whether it’s a lifetime of pain caused by being hit a drunk driver, or lives taken by madmen with guns, or whole villages swept out to sea by a cruel storm, the common thought is that not only was the suffering or death so unnecessary, but that there was no good reason for the event or for those particular people to have been there at that time. And the shockwaves travel outward to affect many not at the epicenter, to the point where some think they were there, but the overall feeling is that none of it had reason or necessity.

We call this being a victim of circumstances/evil. This is the model for when bad things happen to a person or group of people. Wrong place, wrong time. No reason, bad luck, evil. Except…

This is where I now tiptoe on egg shells. The rest of Part 1, Part 2, and the next post will argue that there are no victims–even if it really looks like it. And to stop believing in victimhood is the most freeing possible action one can take during the Earth Experience. Not easy to take or apply, but rewarded eventually. It really is the only way to believe in unpredictable free will, of knowing choice and meaning supersede chance.

I think that when we can look at events in a different way we gain way more happiness, life appreciation, resolution, and fulfillment than is ever possible in the old victim of circumstances/evil model. And it’s not just me making this up. Part of our nature is to feel like there really does have to be some reason, some explanation, some answer to this most basic of human mysteries (why is there pain and suffering?). It starts the first book of the Old Testament and is the centerpiece of Buddhism. With the Tetrahedron, and the rest of the Core Material, I think new understanding on this old model can take place.

Only a fool would come right out and say that a person chose to have his legs blown off, or chose to watch her child die, or chose to be born blind. I, in fact, have been that fool at times. When I was young and excited to reveal and teach some new things. I’ve learned that this is the toughest argument by far. I’ve learned that even with warning signs clanging and bars to block their path people will drive over the rails to meet a train. People will smoke and drink to excess and then complain when they “get” cancer or diabetes or something else. I’ve learned that people identify with their pain and that the suffering is often not because they seemingly can’t change the condition, but in not being able to arrive at the answer to “Why?”.

Unfortunately, it’s really really hard to suggest the answer of individual choice and responsibility, and purpose and meaning to the awful suffering. Often that’s because the suggestion isn’t given or understood in a proper context. (In reality, much of the focus of the Core Material, including the Tetradedron, is to simply frame the answer to that Why? question.)

For me, tragedy and cruelty and innocence lost is just more proof that this is only one life of many. Because it would be so depressing and useless if it were not. I don’t want to say we treat life/lives as “disposable,” but we sort of do. Karma isn’t instant in the Earth Experience. The cause or causes, usually repeatedly, can be set in motion and then warning bells can be clanging for a long time before the effect takes place.

There is plenty of time to change a path toward suffering. Any one of the many, many twists and turns, people and places that we turn down can be jumping off places to get out of the path of a hurricanes or a drive-by. It really isn’t all that random. We each take/are on a path to and from every event in our life. The worst events stand out and most of them blindside us, but we didn’t just arrive there blindly, without a choice, or many choices previously, even when born into a sad body. No matter what, we are living a story and comedy and tragedy and everything in between make up our personal story.

End of Part 1

Note: In these discussions it is important to draw a crucial distinction for clarity on this subject.

Either I_You_We are a direct participant in an event (in the cases of this discussion miserable, tragic events), or I_You_We are not. The magic and hypnosis of our technology and media sometimes make it seem as if I_You_We are there.

Unless I_You_We are actually there, I_Y_W have no true idea what the experience is actually like, and all of My_Your_Our opinions are as valid as the hearsay of reporters.

For those directly involved in a crime or tragedy, god forbid, they are the only ones who actually know the “story.” From their own personal viewpoint and their own circumstances leading up to it. All the rest of the ogling/gaping watchers are forming the story based on second-, third- or beyond-hand information. And according to their own personal stories, filters, beliefs.

I_You_We need to be very wary when I_Y_W are an indirect “participant.” It’s not the same and it would be healthy to keep some distance by staying aware of that fact. Then appropriate action, such as helping, can be taken. However, with social media this secondary participant phenomena, and the sheer lunacy of the discussions around many events, has already spun out of control. And does so every day.

Remember, if I_You_We aren’t there when it happens then I_Y_W weren’t there no matter how I_You_We feel about it or how much information I_Y_W compulsively gather.

Without keeping to the direct/indirect experience distinction we can all keep closing barn doors way too late because of not understanding how events/stories/realities–bad but also good–are created/manifested/materialized.

Part 2: Why Be Cruel at all?

Tetrahedron Facet 2: Multiple Selves/Simultaneous Time – I Am We (7/15)

“Space and Time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality.”
Immanuel Kant

I would say, so is the body, but that’s quibbling with Kant.

The second hardest concept to reach beyond is our standard notion of the Time/Space dualism delusion. (We will tackle the first hardest concept after we’ve absorbed the Tetrahedron.)

What is hardest about Time/Space is not simply overcoming the notions of past, present, future during our travels. It’s also reaching beyond a very earthly and neural construct: Cause and Effect. The apparently obvious pull of the string, the release of the arrow, the arrival at the target, the unfolding sequence of seemingly linear events seem completely natural and indisputable, right?

Well… did you know that in light there is no time? From light’s perspective, it is all, and only, Now.


Though made of light and sound we wear bone and flesh, and we experience time—or filter, and “construct” our experience/reality— through the appearance of time. But there really is only Now, the gift of the present.

In many ways, the illusion of time is merely delay. Of physically processing the perception. Or of manifesting the desire.

The time it takes for a thought/emotion to bear its fruit during this Earth Experience can be slow, painfully slow—for good and bad events/outcomes. Very rarely is Karma instant. The connection between the cause and the effect is often so delayed that as lessons in materialization the lessons go  unrealized. Usually people forget they shot the arrow, and then balk at the consequences of the target hit (the arrow is usually a boomerang arrow and the target is often the self).

We will come back to this near the end of The Core Material but it is essential to understanding the Earth Experience.

This blog is entirely about this:

IYouWe experience the stories IYouWe write.

But very often we forget our authorship, and the roles we choose to play in the play. The often slow unfolding of cause and effect on this planet is actually meant to protect us, and of course is meant to teach many valuable lessons, but it allows all sorts of aberrational behavior. It allows in all sorts of excuses and finger-pointing. It is part and parcel of the concept of dualism and an especially insidious concept: the (Evil) Other.

But this cause/effect discussion is only prelude to introducing something way bigger (but necessary to unfold the entire Tetrahedron). Let’s move on from overcoming cause and effect/time and space (for now) and go into a more unique room and play with a new What If?… for the rest of this post.

If you remember, I showed you that a life “line” actually extends in both directions.


I used the word Pre-incarnation to describe the concept of existing before this life. And the picture is admittedly linear. But to keep it simple we will stay linear for the next several pictures.

There is also the concept, widely held, of re-incarnation—other lives before or after any given life (let’s just say they are all human lives because transmigration gets weird).

That standard notion, so quaint, of reincarnation could be depicted like this:


Here we see three lives, one after the other after the other, with some time in between death and the next birth. The standard conception (Reincarnation_Linear) also assumes this is the same person/identity/soul in all three lives.

This is super simplified but here is the WhatIf?… Let’s say there are, in fact, three lives, at different places and times in history, but instead of those lives occurring separately in a sequence, what if…


…those lives are occurring together, more or less simultaneously, as are those eras and places (Reincarnation_Simultaneous)?

This gets super complicated super fast. But here’s an easy way to start think about it, and we’ll leave you with just this concept until the next post.

Picture a radio or cable television or even the internet. No matter what station, channel, page to which you are “tuned,” all the other frequencies, programs, pages are still existing and going on right Now. Picture each song or story or post as a life, and while you are following the story of one life, an infinite number of other lives, and other alternate/parallel/probable lives are “playing.”

Or think of an apartment building, a high-rise with many floors and each floor is a different century and a different country and the people living in those apartments are all you—while you live in the apartment of this day in history in your place on Earth.

And here is the twist, using whichever analogy you want: the “past” is still occurring, as is the “future,” because there is only Now, a Really spacious Present.

We think the past is past, the present fleeting, and the future arrives and is gone. Well, maybe, perhaps, there is no separation of cause and effect, eternally.

We already know cause is implied in effect, but—and this returns us to the Choice? Chance? Bashert? post—maybe we would understand the really hard questions about life/story/reality better if we knew that no moment is lost and every moment is greatly enriched by the deeply shared experience of multiple lives in an infinite web of choices amid limitless, yet unpredictable, possibilities. Just a little something to ponder.

(Take a moment to “tune into” your invisible younger self and tell it something nice, then do it to the present self who that younger self became, and then stretch out to the future you and tell you you’ll see it soon.) 🙂

Getting back to our pictures, those three “reincarnational” lives, defined by their births and deaths could be seen linearly:


But any particular life could be better depicted by a 3D spiral, because we consistently return to themes and issues, don’t we? And I like to think of each life story as a “cloud” that is part of much larger cloud “Entities,” which I will explain later. But for now let’s just take those simple three lives and entwine them in the now and leave it at that—for now.



TETRAHEDRON FACET 3: No Pointlessness