Bigelow Institute Essays

In 2021 Robert T. Bigelow and the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies sponsored an essay contest with the challenge to prove or “provide the best evidence available for the survival of human consciousness after permanent bodily death.”

When the contest was announced I, of course, was thoroughly excited by the prospect of getting on that stage and not only stating my case, but also wanted to make the “essay” an experience for the reader that would help them tap into direct experiences of the afterlife. I applied to participate but sadly didn’t demonstrate to the judges worthiness to be a contestant. This website is that essay and I will continue to develop it along the lines of helping others reach their own proof and evidence.

The contest results were posted in late 2021 and over $1 million were awarded to 29 essayists, mostly academics. It’s only fitting for this website to provide a link to those essays. So here it is:

BICS Essay Contest Winners

I particularly recommend Elizabeth Krohn’s essay.

As you know from reading the Core Material, this website is dedicated to spreading awareness of our beyond physical reality. A reality that we exist in at all times, not simply after death.

We came from that nonphysical reality to join a body we chose, into a family we chose, into a time era and place we chose–with many, many others, for shared purposes. And all of us did so to add to the overall knowledge, understanding and wisdom of ours and others’ greater selves. And for “God.” (Also known as All That Is.)

There is the misconception that we “go back” to nonphysical reality when we die. In fact, we always live in that beyond physical reality–while we are here or while we are anywhere. We return to nonphysical reality with our dream consciousness, nightly, to check in. And during the day we blink back and forth from here to there, below our waking consciousness, on and on so to speak. Until of course we permanently depart the Earth Experience–unjoining our loving, loyal bodies.

But we are never ever separate from our greater existence. It’s God’s Being we all share and infuses us.

The best available evidence will always be personal experience. We will get it regardless. It’s just a matter of when. And if it is proved to you when you are here, it transforms everything in your life–for the best.

Take a deep breath and realize your true nature, now. Smile 🙂